The Fine Watches Podcast

Conversing Time - Lewis Butterfield

December 05, 2022 Season 1 Episode 20
The Fine Watches Podcast
Conversing Time - Lewis Butterfield
Show Notes

In his capacity as owner of The Watch Dealers, and his guise as @gcwatchguy on Instagram, Lewis Butterfield is at the leading edge of the watch trade in Australia.

In this, the FineWatches Podcast's 20th episode it was a great pleasure to have a free and frank discussion with Lewis and to get to express some of the things I've always wanted to say on the cast.

From the state of the market, through profiteers, to what actually constitutes a Micro-Brand, among other tasty morsels, we cover a lot of ground, and we're just getting started. Look out for more conversations with Lewis coming up in 2023.

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You can find The Watch Dealers' website here: Visit now.
Lewis' Instagram account is here: @gcwatchguy

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